Organomineral Fertilizers and Their Application to Field Crops

William B. Smith, Melissa Wilson, Paulo H Pagliari

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The combination of animal manure and mineral fertilizer to produce organomineral fertilizers is a new concept in animal waste management. Compared with animal manure, organomineral fertilizers have increased nutrient concentration so that lower application rates can be used. The production of organomineral fertilizers produces a more stable, balanced, and uniform product with predictable nutrient availability and nutrient release. The advantage of organomineral fertilizers over mineral fertilizers is the supply of a range of macro- and micronutrients in addition to organic matter. Although some limited information exists on the use of organomineral fertilizers in grain crops, most research has been conducted on vegetables, fruits, and specialty crops. Overall, research has shown that organomineral fertilizers can improve plant growth parameters such as yield and nutrient uptake to a greater degree than when manure or fertilizers are used alone. This chapter provides a review of the current literature on the use of organomineral fertilizers for food production.

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Title of host publicationAnimal Manure
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Number of pages16
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StatePublished - 2020

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