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Juri Allik, Anu Realo, J. B. Asendorpf, A. Baumert, M. Schmitt, G. Blum, R. van Bork, M. Rhemtulla, D. Borsboom, B. P. Chapman, D. A. Clark, C. E. Durbin, B. M. Hicks, D. M. Condon, D. K. Mroczek, G. Costantini, M. Perugini, J. Freese, L. R. Goldberg, R. R. McCraeC. S. Nave, D. C. Funder, D. S. Ones, B. M. Wiernik, M. P. Wilmot, J. W. Kostal, D. J. Ozer, A. Poropat, W. Revelle, L. G. Elleman, K. J. Sher, S. J. Weston, J. J. Jackson, D. Wood, P. D. Harms, M. Ziegler, J. Ziegler, R. Mõttus

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8 Scopus citations
Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)529-595
Number of pages67
JournalEuropean Journal of Personality
Issue number5
StatePublished - Sep 1 2017

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Funding Information:
Preparation of this manuscript was funded in part by grant SMA-1419324 from the National Science Foundation to WR

Funding Information:
The author gratefully acknowledges funding from a Marie Curie Fellowship of the European Commission’s FP7 Programme (EC Grant Agreement number 629430)

Funding Information:
This article was supported by a grant from the National Science Centre, Poland (2012/07/E/HS6/)

Funding Information:
The author’s research is supported by NIH grants HD083613, HD081437. The Population Research Center is supported by NIH grant HD042849

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