Obesity prevention in schools: Current role and future practice of school nurses

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Objective.: To determine responsibilities of school nurses in delivering obesity prevention services, assess opinions and beliefs about school-based obesity prevention and determine factors associated with school nurses supporting and providing obesity prevention services. Method.: In fall 2005, a self-administered survey was mailed to 275 school nurses in Minnesota; 221 were returned (response rate = 80%). Results.: Most (76%) school nurses supported the use of school health services (SHS) for obesity prevention. The likelihood of nurses supporting SHS for obesity prevention (p = 0.009), as well as performing more child- (p = 0.016) and school-level (p = < 0.001) obesity prevention tasks increased as perceived support for school-based obesity prevention from health care providers and school administrators, teachers and foodservice staff increased. Nurses supportive of school-based height, weight and BMI screening and parent notification were twice as likely to perform child-level obesity prevention tasks (p = 0.021) and more than three times as likely to support using SHS for obesity prevention (p = 0.005). Conclusion.: Our study suggests considerable support among school nurses for school-based obesity prevention efforts and a growing interest in providing primary and secondary preventive care services in the school setting. Study findings also speak to the need for preparation, time and support from the school and health provider community.

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JournalPreventive medicine
Issue number6
StatePublished - Jun 2007

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This research was supported by the National Institute of Nursing Research (Grant #P20 NR008992; Center for Health Trajectory Research). This project was initiated by the investigator (lead author).


  • Childhood obesity prevention
  • School health services
  • School nurses


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