Nyquist ghost correction of breast diffusion weighted imaging using referenceless methods

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Purpose: Correction of Nyquist ghosts for single-shot spin-echo EPI using the standard 3-line navigator often fails in breast DWI because of incomplete fat suppression, respiration, and greater B0 inhomogeneity. The purpose of this work is to compare the performance of the 3-line navigator with 4 data-driven methods termed “referenceless methods,” including 2 previously proposed in literature, 1 introduced in this work, and finally a combination of all 3, in breast DWI. Methods: Breast DWI was acquired for 41 patients with SS SE-EPI. Raw data was corrected offline with the standard 3-line navigator and 4 referenceless methods, which modeled the ghost as a linear phase error and minimized 3 unique cost functions as well as the median solution of all 3. Ghost levels were evaluated based on the signal intensity in the background region, defined by a mask auto-generated from a T1-weighted anatomical image. Ghost intensity measurements were fit to a linear mixed model including ghost correction method and b-value as covariates. Results: All 4 referenceless methods outperformed the standard 3-line navigator with statistical significance at all 4 b-values tested (b = 0, 100, 600, and 800 s/mm2). Conclusions: Referenceless methods provide a robust way to reduce Nyquist ghosts in breast DWI without the need for any additional calibration scan.

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StatePublished - Apr 2019

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