New estimates of the magnitude of the sea-level jump during the 8.2 ka event

Jonathan Obrist-Farner, Mark Brenner, Jeffery R. Stone, Marta Wojewódka-Przybył, Thorsten Bauersachs, Andreas Eckert, Marek Locmelis, Jason H. Curtis, Susan R.H. Zimmerman, Alex Correa-Metrio, Lorenz Schwark, Edward Duarte, Antje Schwalb, Etienne Niewerth, Paula Gabriela Echeverría-Galindo, Liseth Pérez

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We analyzed sediment cores from coastal Lake Izabal, Guatemala, to infer Holocene biogeochemical changes in the lake. At ca. 8370 calibrated yr B.P. (cal. yr B.P.), marine waters entered the lake, which presently lies ~38 km from the Caribbean coast. Temporal correlation between Early Holocene drainage of high-latitude Lakes Agassiz and Ojibway (in North America) and marine flooding of Lake Izabal suggests a causal link between the two processes. Our data indicate a relative sea-level jump of 2.60 ± 0.88 m, which is larger than previous estimates of sea-level rise during the 8.2 ka event. The inferred sea-level jump, however, cannot be explained solely by the volume of water released during drainage of Lakes Agassiz and Ojibway. Instead, we propose that previous studies underestimated the magnitude of Lakes Agassiz and Ojibway discharge, or that additional meltwater sources contributed to global sea-level rise at that time.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)86-90
Number of pages5
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2022

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We thank Paul Baker, Matt Peros, and four anonymous reviewers for constructive reviews that helped improve the manuscript; Defensores de la Naturaleza (Guatemala) and the National Lacustrine Core Facility (LacCore, Minnesota, USA) for help with core collection and analyses, respectively; and Robert Brown for help with X-ray fluorescence spectrometry core scanning. This is contribution #11 of the Missouri S&T MCTF research group and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory contribution LLNL-JRNL-805149.

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© 2021. The Authors. Gold Open Access: This paper is published under the terms of the CC-BY license.

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