Nanoparticle heat transfer and fluid flow

W. J. Minkowycz, Ephraim M Sparrow, J. P. Abraham

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Featuring contributions by leading researchers in the field, Nanoparticle Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow explores heat transfer and fluid flow processes in nanomaterials and nanofluids, which are becoming increasingly important across the engineering disciplines. The book covers a wide range, from biomedical and energy conversion applications to materials properties, and addresses aspects that are essential for further progress in the field, including numerical quantification, modeling, simulation, and presentation. Topics include: A broad review of nanofluid applications, including industrial heat transfer, biomedical engineering, electronics, energy conversion, membrane filtration, and automotive An overview of thermofluids and their importance in biomedical applications and heat-transfer enhancement A deeper look at biomedical applications such as nanoparticle hyperthermia treatments for cancers Issues in energy conversion from dispersed forms to more concentrated and utilizable forms Issues in nanofluid properties, which are less predictable and less repeatable than those of other media that participate in fluid flow and heat transfer Advances in computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling of membrane filtration at the microscale The role of nanofluids as a coolant in microchannel heat transfer for the thermal management of electronic equipment The potential enhancement of natural convection due to nanoparticles Examining key topics and applications in nanoscale heat transfer and fluid flow, this comprehensive book presents the current state of the art and a view of the future. It offers a valuable resource for experts as well as newcomers interested in developing innovative modeling and numerical simulation in this growing field.

Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherCRC Press
Number of pages317
ISBN (Electronic)9781439861950
ISBN (Print)9781138076549
StatePublished - Apr 19 2016

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