N-(Fmoc-aα-aminoacyl)benzotriazoles: Versatile synthetic reagents from proteinogenic amino acids

Alan R. Katritzky, Anamika Singh, Danniebelle N. Haase, Megumi Yoshioka

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N-Fmoc-aα-amino acids were smoothly converted into stable, crystalline N-(Fmoc-aα-aminoacyl)benzotriazoles 2a-r (69-90%). Compounds 2b,g reacted with the chiral derivatizing reagent, (+/-)aα- methylbenzylamine (5 or 6), to afford aα-(N-Fmoc-amino)acid amides 3a,b and 4a,b (average yield 72 %) with no detectable racemization.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)47-56
Number of pages10
Issue number8
StatePublished - 2009


  • Aα-(N-fmoc-amino)acid amides
  • Aα-aminoacylation
  • N-(Fmoc-aα-aminoacyl)benzotriazoles
  • N-fmoc-aα-amino acids


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