Myriad: Design and implementation of a federated database prototype

Ee‐Peng ‐P Lim, San‐Yih ‐Y Hwang, Jaideep Srivastava, Dave Clements, M. Ganesh

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A key problem in providing ‘enterprise‐wide’ information is the integration of databases that have been independently developed. An important requirement is to accommodate heterogeneity and maintain the autonomy of component databases. Myriad is a federated database prototype developed at the University of Minnesota, to provide a testbed for investigating alternatives in architecture and algorithms for database integration, query processing and optimization, and concurrency control and recovery. The system incorporates our group's research results in these areas. This paper describes our experiences in the design and implementation of Myriad, and in the project management. Special emphasis is given to discussing design alternatives and their impact on Myriad. This paper also presents the software engineering principles and the project management techniques we used in developing Myriad and the lessons we learned. We believe these lessons would be useful for practitioners who wish to develop a similar system. Handling heterogeneity and autonomy were prime objectives throughout the prototyping effort. We are convinced that a prototype federated database is an important infrastructural requirement for the overall goal of ‘enterprise‐integration’, and believe Myriad to be a significant contribution towards this.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)533-562
Number of pages30
JournalSoftware: Practice and Experience
Issue number5
StatePublished - May 1995


  • enterprise integration
  • federated database
  • query processing
  • schema integration
  • transaction management


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