Music-Based Affect Regulation and Unhealthy Music Use Explain Coping Strategies in Adults with Mental Health Conditions

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While people can use music for affect enhancement and self-regulation, there is a dearth of empirical inquiry investigating if music-based affect self-regulatory factors explain coping strategies in adults with mental health conditions (MHC). Due to the relevance of coping strategies for illness management and recovery, the purpose of this study was to explore music-based affect regulation, healthy and unhealthy music use, and coping strategies in adults with MHC on an acute care unit via correlational and multiple regression analyses. Participants (N = 128) completed the Brief Music in Mood Regulation Scale, the Healthy-Unhealthy Music Scale, and the Brief COPE. Correlational and multiple regression analyses were conducted to determine if music-based affect regulation factors were related to and explained coping strategies. There were numerous significant relationships between music-based affect regulation factors, healthy and unhealthy music use, and coping strategies. Regression results indicated that discharge explained humor, mental work explained positive framing, revival explained positive reframing and acceptance, strong sensation explained acceptance and planning, and entertainment explained denial. Unhealthy music use explained denial and behavioral disengagement. Healthy music use did not significantly explain any coping strategy. Practitioners might consider including education specific to music-based affect regulation to augment the likelihood of recovery.

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JournalCommunity Mental Health Journal
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StatePublished - Jul 1 2020

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