Multihadron-event properties in e+e- annihilation at s=52-57 GeV

Y. K. Li, J. Li, C. P. Cheng, P. Gu, M. H. Ye, Y. C. Zhu, R. Imlay, P. Kirk, J. Lim, R. R. McNeil, W. Metcalf, S. S. Myung, A. Abashian, K. Gotow, K. P. Hu, E. H. Low, M. E. Mattson, L. Piilonen, K. L. Sterner, S. LusinC. Rosenfeld, A. T.M. Wang, S. Wilson, M. Frautschi, H. Kagan, R. Kass, C. G. Trahern, R. E. Breedon, G. N. Kim, Winston Ko, R. L. Lander, K. Maeshima, R. L. Malchow, J. R. Smith, D. Stuart, K. Abe, Y. Fujii, Y. Higashi, S. K. Kim, Y. Kurihara, A. Maki, T. Nozaki, T. Omori, H. Sagawa, Y. Sakai, Y. Sugimoto, Y. Takaiwa, S. Terada, R. C. Walker, F. Kajino, D. Perticone, R. Poling, T. Thomas, Y. Ishi, K. Miyano, H. Miyata, T. Sasaki, Y. Yamashita, A. Bacala, J. Liu, I. H. Park, F. Sannes, S. Schnetzer, R. Stone, J. Vinson, P. Auchincloss, D. Blanis, A. Bodek, H. Budd, S. Eno, C. A. Fry, H. Harada, Y. H. Ho, Y. K. Kim, T. Kumita, T. Mori, S. L. Olsen, N. M. Shaw, A. Sill, E. H. Thorndike, K. Ueno, H. W. Zheng, S. Kobayashi, A. Murakami, J. S. Kang, H. J. Kim, M. H. Lee, D. H. Han, E. J. Kim, D. Son, T. Kojima, S. Matsumoto, R. Tanaka, Y. Yamagishi, T. Yasuda, T. Ishizuka, K. Ohta

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We present the general properties of multihadron final states produced by e+e- annihilation at center-of-mass energies from 52 to 57 GeV in the AMY detector at the KEK collider TRISTAN. Global shape, inclusive charged-particle, and particle-flow distributions are presented. Our measurements are compared with QCD+fragmentation models that use either leading-logarithmic parton-shower evolution or QCD matrix elements at the parton level, and either string or cluster fragmentation for hadronization.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2675-2688
Number of pages14
JournalPhysical Review D
Issue number9
StatePublished - 1990


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