Moving images: On institutions, geography, and history

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This essay examines recent work in film and media history that explores postwar East European media institutions, industries, and cultures, and the numerous modes of moving-image production beyond the fiction feature. Directly or indirectly influenced by histoire croisée and similar approaches to transnational history, as well as by film and media studies’ recent engagement with previously overlooked audiovisual practices and forms, this work links the history of postwar East European cinema not only to earlier media histories but also to contemporaneous media cultures stretching far beyond the region’s borders. The essay offers Czechoslovakia’s Army Film studio—its institutional identity, and the festival life of one of its films—as a case study that highlights these temporal and geographic through-lines.

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JournalEast European Politics and Societies
Issue number4
StatePublished - Nov 24 2014

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  • Cinema
  • Eastern Europe
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  • Postwar


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