Motivation in Sport: Theory and Application

Kevin A. Stefanek, Heather J Peters

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    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Title of host publicationHandbook of Motivational Counseling
    Subtitle of host publicationGoal-Based Approaches to Assessment and Intervention with Addiction and Other Problems
    PublisherJohn Wiley and Sons
    Number of pages23
    ISBN (Print)9780470749265
    StatePublished - Apr 20 2011


    • Athletes with ego-orientation, success as defeating others - athletes coping with losses, new view of success
    • Difference between approach - and avoidance orientations toward athletic success
    • Kiesha and Dave exemplifying two types of achievement goals - theory around peoples' view of success
    • Motivational issues for athletes - manifest in either, or both of these realms
    • Other motivational approaches to changing behavior - motivation in sport, theory and application
    • Select theories of motivation - relating to performance or coping in sport, for therapists
    • Self-determination theory - Deci and Ryan's theory of self-determination, autonomy, competence and relatedness
    • Therapeutic techniques (goal setting, cognitive restructuring and imagery) - athletes' motivation and performance
    • Therapist using attribution theory - clients' explanations of successes and failures
    • Use of different theories - in different interventions, performance and coping with challenges

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