Mitochondriálna kardiológia

Translated title of the contribution: Mitochondrial cardiology

A. Gvozdjakova, J. Kucharska, Germaine G Cornelissen-Guillaume, R. B. Singh, F. Simko

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Mitochondrial Cardiology is part of Mitochondrial Medicine, which provides a comprehensive view of mitochon­drial disease in terms of clinical, metabolic, genetic and patho­logical information relevant to the diagnosis and treatment of mitochondrial diseases. Mitochondrial cardiology highlights the irreplaceable impor­tance of mitochondria in the heart muscle in terms of generat­ing the required amount of energy in the form of ATP through oxidative phosphorylation and reducing oxidative stress. Mitochondrial respiratory chain complexes – I, III and IV form stable supercomplexes that contribute to the elucidation of the causes of mitochondrial diseases. The dynamics of mito­chondria is controlled by processes that regulate mitochondrial dynamics: biogenesis, fission, fusion and mitophagy. In mito­chondria, NAD+ – dependent deacylases – sirtuins (SIRT 3, 4 and 5) signalling stress or cell damage are located. Mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation, and the heart muscle coenzyme Q10 are controlled by circadian and circasemidian rhythms. Supported therapy with coenzyme Q10 in patients with car­diovascular diseases has a significant role in preventing the development of cardiovascular complications, in improving cardiac muscle function in patients waiting for cardiac trans­plantation. Targeting therapy with coenzyme Q10 is also of potential importance in preventing the onset and development of heart transplant rejection, reducing the cost of hospitalization and treating patients with cardiovascular diseases, and offering prospective cardiologists access to prevention and targeting therapy of heart muscle damaged mitochondrial function. Fig. 8, Ref. 50, Online full text (Free, PDF)

Translated title of the contributionMitochondrial cardiology
Original languageSlovak
Pages (from-to)145-163
Number of pages19
JournalCardiology Letters
Issue number3
StatePublished - 2017


  • Chronobiology
  • Co­enzyme Q
  • Mitochondrial cardiology
  • Mitochondrial dynamics
  • Sirtuins
  • Supercomplexes


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