Measurement of the leptonic branching ratios of the '(1S), '(2S), and '(3S)

D. Andrews, P. Avery, K. Berkelman, D. G. Cassel, J. W. DeWire, R. Ehrlich, T. Ferguson, R. Galik, M. G.D. Gilchriese, B. Gittelman, M. Halling, D. L. Hartill, D. Herrup, S. Holzner, M. Ito, J. Kandaswamy, V. Kistiakowsky, D. L. Kreinick, Y. Kubota, N. B. MistryF. Morrow, E. Nordberg, M. Ogg, R. Perchonok, R. Plunkett, A. Silverman, P. C. Stein, S. Stone, D. Weber, R. Wilcke, A. J. Sadoff, C. Bebek, R. Giles, J. Hassard, M. Hempstead, J. M. Izen, K. Kinoshita, W. W. MacKay, F. M. Pipkin, J. Rohlf, Richard Wilson, H. Kagan, S. Behrends, K. Chadwick, J. Chauveau, P. Ganci, T. Gentile, Jan M. Guida, Joan A. Guida, R. Kass, A. C. Melissinos, S. L. Olsen, G. Parkhurst, D. Peterson, R. Poling, C. Rosenfeld, G. Rucinski, E. H. Thorndike, J. Green, R. G. Hicks, F. Sannes, P. Skubic, A. Snyder, R. Stone, A. Chen, M. Goldberg, N. Horwitz, A. Jawahery, M. Jibaly, P. Lipari, G. C. Moneti, C. G. Trahern, H. Van Hecke, M. S. Alam, S. E. Csorna, A. Fridman, L. Garren, M. Mestayer, R. S. Panvini

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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Using the CLEO detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring, the authors have measured the leptonic branching fractions, B, of the '(1S), '(2S), and '(3S) to be 2.7±0.3±0.3%, 1.9±1.3±0.5%, and 3.3±1.3±0.7%, respectively. Combining these values of B with previous measurements of the leptonic widths of these resonances, the authors find the total widths of the '(1S), '(2S), and '(3S) to be 48±4±4, 27±17±6, and 13±4±3 keV.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)807-810
Number of pages4
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number11
StatePublished - 1983


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