Measurement of the charge asymmetry in B→K*

B. I. Eisenstein, G. D. Gollin, I. Karliner, N. Lowrey, C. Plager, C. Sedlack, M. Selen, J. J. Thaler, J. Williams, K. W. Edwards, D. Besson, S. Anderson, V. V. Frolov, D. T. Gong, Y. Kubota, S. Z. Li, R. Poling, A. Smith, C. J. Stepaniak, J. UrheimZ. Metreveli, K. K. Seth, A. Tomaradze, P. Zweber, S. Ahmed, M. S. Alam, J. Ernst, L. Jian, M. Saleem, F. Wappler, K. Arms, E. Eckhart, K. K. Gan, C. Gwon, K. Honscheid, H. Kagan, R. Kass, T. K. Pedlar, E. von Toerne, H. Severini, P. Skubic, S. A. Dytman, J. A. Mueller, S. Nam, V. Savinov, J. W. Hinson, G. S. Huang, J. Lee, D. H. Miller, D. Cronin-Hennessy

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We report on a search for a CP-violating asymmetry in the charmless hadronic decay B→K*(892)±π, using 9.1 fb-1 of integrated luminosity produced at √s = 10.58 GeV and collected with the CLEO detector. We find ACP(B→K* (892)±π,)=0.26-0.34 +0.33(stat)-0.08 +0.10(syst), giving an allowed interval of [-0.31,0.78] at the 90% confidence level.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number017101
JournalPhysical Review D
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jul 2003


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