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Mass transfer studies are important for their own sake in many applications. In addition, the similarity of the mass and heat transport processes often permits results from mass transfer studies to be used in predicting heat transfer in similar situations. Convective heat transport is generally described by the equations of conservation of mass, momentum and energy. In mass transfer the conservation of species equation is used in place of the conservation of energy equation. Since the diffusive transport laws - Fourier's Law and Fick's Law, in heat and mass transfer processes, respectively - are similar, mass transfer can serve as a convenient analogue to the heat transfer process. In general, if the Prandtl number and Schmidt number are equal, one expects the analogy between heat and mass transfer to be valid, relative to conditions in the bulk of a flowing fluid. Some examples of mass transfer techniques which have been used to simulate heat transfer processes have been described.

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StatePublished - Dec 1 1985


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