Long-term outcomes of cartilage-buttressed T-tube tympanoplasty for prolonged middle ear ventilation

Steven A. Zuniga, Sean Larner, David M. Souza, Andleeb Khan, Todd A. Hillman, Douglas A. Chen

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Objectives/Hypothesis: To report on the safety and efficacy of cartilage-buttressed T-tube tympanoplasty for long-term middle ear ventilation, specifically by examining duration of tube survival, as well as adverse events associated with prolonged middle ear intubation, including persistent tympanic membrane perforation. Study Design: Retrospective case series of patients undergoing cartilage-buttressed T-tube tympanoplasty between January 2005 and December 2016 in a tertiary-care neurotology private practice. Methods: Patients who underwent cartilage T-tube tympanoplasty with complete pre- and postoperative audiometric data and a minimum follow-up duration of 12 months were analyzed. T-tube survival and adverse events including persistent tympanic membrane perforation were recorded and compared to published data for other long-term middle ear ventilation techniques. Results: The study cohort included 72 cartilage-buttressed T-tube tympanoplasties in 68 patients. Median tube survival was 34 months (range, 2–131 months). Incidence of persistent tympanic membrane perforation (n = 1) was 1.4%. Conclusions: Cartilage-buttressed T-tube tympanoplasty is a safe and effective means of accomplishing long-term middle ear ventilation with a considerably lower rate of persistent tympanic membrane perforation as compared to alternative methods of prolonged middle ear ventilation. Level of Evidence: 4 Laryngoscope, 129:203–208, 2019.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)203-208
Number of pages6
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 2019
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  • Eustachian tube dysfunction
  • cartilage tympanoplasty
  • chronic otitis media


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