Jamaicans begin to embrace safer sex.

K. Henry

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Over the past decade, studies in Jamaica revealed widespread acceptance of sex outside of marriage or other stable relationships and a common perception that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are a natural and easily curable outcome of sexual activity. However, recent surveys suggest that these attitudes and behaviors are beginning to change. Jamaican men who once readily had 5 or more sex partners per year are choosing their partners more carefully and staying in relationships longer. Men and women report having fewer sex partners, while young male adolescents are waiting until they are older to begin having sex. This attitudinal and behavioral change may be attributed to the Ministry of Health's HIV/STD control program launched in 1987. The program is comprehensive, systematic, and sometimes uses an unorthodox approach to HIV/AIDS prevention. HIV/AIDS and STDs were linked in the integrated approach.

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Issue number1
StatePublished - Jun 1997
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