Interactive Scientific Visualization of Fluid Flow

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StatePublished - Oct 1993

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The work described in this article has been carried out by an interdisciphian team, first brought together under US Department of Energy and National Science Foundation support and later under DOE, NSF, and Army Research Office support through the AHPCRC at the University of Alinnesota. In addition to the author, principal team members include David Porter, an astrophysicist who carried out the 3D turbulence simulation and who developed the early versions of PVR and Acalc; Kevin Edgar, an astrophysicist who worked with computer scientist Tom Varghese on the early Connection llachine implementations of the PPAI code and who developed the interactive houndaT-reshaping version of PPAI; Gene Bassett, an astrophysicist who performed the high-resolution jet simulations; Ken Chin-Purcell, a mechanical engineer who developed the Iris-based visualization tools Acalc and BOB; Ste\ en Anderson, a computer scientist who developed with X’arghese the AIPP versions of PVR and hcalc; Tom Ruwart, a computer engineer who developed the fast disk systems essential to the interactive rendering and display; Hank Dietz, lllatt O’Keefe, and Terence Parr, computer engineers who developed the Fortran-P precompiler that made the high-performance, interactively steered version of PPAI on the Connection Alachine possible; Alan Klietz and Jim MacDonald, who got our HiPPi network going; and Jon Buerge, who kept the equipment working. Chin-Purcell’s G1.Z-ware, a package of scientific visualization software, is available via anonymous ftp (file-transfer protocol) from the Internet address GI%- ware includes the utility programs BOB, Xraz, and Icol mentioned in the text. Documentation for these programs may be perused over Internet 1-ia the following command 1i n e : sin o sa i c - h o in e h t t p : //s 1 .arc . LI 111 n .e d u/h t in 1/ homepage.htm1. This software has also been puhlished on CD-ROAI by Prime Time Freeware, Sunn>-\a le, Calif., as part of Freewnre 1’01. 2,No. I. Jan. 1993. I also would like to acknowledge generous grants of computer time from the Uni\ ersity of Jlinnesota Supercomputer Institute and the AIIPCRC. \I’ork reported here has been supported hy the DOE’S Office of Energy Research, under contract So. DF.-FC;02-87ER~j03.i, and by the NSF, under grants .AST-8611404 and . W - O 2 17194. Our visualization equipment has heen supported first by these two agencies, and more recently by the .Ai1PCRC. A donation of equipment from Imprimis Technology (noM Seagatc Technology) helped LIS to construct our fast disk file systems.

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