Initiating practice change: Describing patient-specific drug related problems

K. K. Janke, C. J. MacLeod-Richards

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Drug related problems occur regularly in practice and can be categorized as one of the eight types of DRPs. Categorizing DRPs gives structure to patient care and defines the pharmacist's role. Using a standardized format, DRPs can be succinctly stated. Concisely describing the problem and its relationship to drug therapy can assist the pharmacist in the care of the patient and also enhance communication with other professionals. Describing a situation as involving noncompliance or a lack of patient education is not specific enough for the practice of pharmaceutical care; the pharmacist must identify the effect of these problems on drug therapy. Categorizing DRPs and succinctly stating the problems are important skills that require practice.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)37-38
Number of pages2
JournalCanadian Pharmaceutical Journal
Issue number8
StatePublished - Oct 1 1997


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