Influence of methionine derivatives on effluent flow of methionine from continuous culture of ruminal bacteria.

P. M. Windschitl, M. D. Stern

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Two separate studies were conducted using a continuous culture fermenter system to determine effects of supplementing D,L-methionine and various methionine derivatives on degradation of methionine by ruminal bacteria. A basal diet containing 20% alfalfa hay, 20% corn silage and 60% grain mix (DM basis) was provided at a rate of 75 g DM/d per fermenter and served as an unsupplemented control in both experiments. In Exp. 1, methionine sources included D,L-methionine, D,L-methionine hydantoic acid, D,L-methionine hydantoin, N-acetyl-D,L-methionine, methylthio-isobutyric acid, methylthio-propionic acid and D,L-methionine sulfoxide. These sources were added directly to fermenters twice daily and supplied an equivalent of 98 mg/d D,L-methionine (.13% of diet DM) and 21 mg/d S. Effluent methionine flow from fermenters was higher (P less than .05) with diets supplemented with D,L-methionine hydantoic acid (245 mg/d), D,L-methionine hydantoin (245 mg/d) and N-acetyl-D,L-methionine (270 mg/d) than with control (211 mg/d) or D,L-methionine (211 mg/d) treatments, indicating a lower ruminal bacterial degradation of these methionine derivatives. There were no major effects on bacterial fermentation due to methionine supplementation or source. In Exp. 2, methionine sources included D,L-methionine, methionine hydroxy analog and N-hydroxymethyl-D,L-methionine; these were mixed with the basal diet to provide an equivalent of 250 mg/d D,L-methionine (.33% of diet DM). Sodium sulfate was added to the control diet to attain equal S (54 mg/d) levels across treatments. Flow of methionine was not affected (P greater than .05) by methionine supplementation, indicating extensive degradation of all three methionine sources by ruminal bacteria.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2937-2947
Number of pages11
JournalJournal of animal science
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 1988


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