Induced enzyme synthesis in the absence of concomitant ribonucleic acid synthesis.

H. Harris, L. D. Sabath

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The effect of actinomycin D on the synthesis of RNA in B. cereus and on induced peri ic ill inase production was used to show that continued synthesis of the enzyme does not depend on the operation of short-lived RNA molecules and that the rate of synthesis of the enzyme can be increased in the absence of concomitant RNA synthesis. It was concluded that regulation of the synthesis of perde ill inase does not require the flow of short-lived RNA molecules from the genes to the sites of protein synthesis. Riedel - Edmonton, Can.
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
Pages (from-to)1078-1080
Number of pages3
Issue number4937
StatePublished - 1964


  • enzyme synthesis
  • gene
  • protein synthesis
  • RNA synthesis
  • synthesis
  • dactinomycin
  • enzyme
  • penicillinase
  • RNA

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