Increased food and ecosystem security via perennial grains

J. D. Glover, J. P. Reganold, L. W. Bell, J. Borevitz, E. C. Brummer, E. S. Buckler, C. M. Cox, T. S. Cox, T. E. Crews, S. W. Culman, L. R. DeHaan, D. Eriksson, B. S. Gill, J. Holland, F. Hu, B. S. Hulke, A. M H Ibrahim, W. Jackson, S. S. Jones, S. C. MurrayA. H. Peterson, E. Ploschuk, E. J. Sacks, S. Snapp, D. Tao, D. L. Van Tassel, L. J. Wade, D. L. Wyse, Y. Xu

Research output: Contribution to journalShort surveypeer-review

293 Scopus citations


Perennial grains hold promise, especially for marginal landscapes or with limited resources where annual versions struggle.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1638-1639
Number of pages2
Issue number5986
StatePublished - Jun 25 2010


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