Incidence and magnitude of post-transplant cardiovascular disease after pediatric kidney transplantation: Risk factor analysis of 1058 pediatric kidney transplants at the university of Minnesota

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Background: KT recipients have increased the risk of CVD. The incidence of post-transplant CVEs among pediatric recipients has not been well-characterized. Patients and Methods: Between 1963 and 2015, 884 pediatric (age: 0-17 years old) recipients received 1058 KTs at our institution. The cumulative incidence of CVEs was analyzed. Statistical models were used to estimate risk factors for developing post-transplant CVEs. Results: Overall median patient survival was 33 years (IQR: 18.7-47). A total of 362 CVEs occurred in 161 (18.3%) patients at a median age of 20.5 years. Arrhythmias (18%) were most common. Cumulative risk of post-transplant CVEs was 9% at 10 years, 17% at 20 years, 25% at 30 years, and 36% at 40 years. Development of post-transplant CVEs was associated with increased mortality (HR 2.25 [95% CI 1.61-3.14]); of those who developed a CVE and died, 22/51 (43.1%) died of CVD. Multivariable risk factors for post-transplant CVEs included a history of pretransplant CVD (aHR 1.92 [1.18-3.13] and graft failure (4.57 [3.13-6.67]). Discussion: A pretransplant history of CVD and a failed graft are significant risk factors for the development of post-transplant CVE. CVD increases the risk of post-transplant death or graft loss.

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Article numbere13283
JournalPediatric transplantation
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StatePublished - Nov 2018



  • cardiovascular disease
  • kidney transplant
  • long-term outcomes
  • pediatric

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