In-situ pH measurement and real-time calibration

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The vast biogeochemical processes in the ocean operate on temporal and spatial scales, from seconds near hydrothermal-seawater mixing zones at midocean ridges to years for water masses of different density in the ocean as a whole. The sensing elements of the electrodes are sealed in a small sensor cell, with a volume of about 1 milliliter, by a precompressed Viton sealant immersed in silicone oil of a pressure-balanced damp. This design obtains a very high rate of buffer displacement and the reliable seal of the electrodes under pressure. The sensing tip of the electrodes and thermistor are set on the same axial plane in the sensor cell to limit the effects of temperature and chemical gradients. The sensor probe is tethered with communication cable and flexible low tubing to the hydraulic module of the system to permit ne-scale measurement of the environment by a submersible manipulator arm.

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Specialist publicationSea Technology
StatePublished - Jun 2014


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