Improved search for muon-neutrino to electron-neutrino oscillations in MINOS

P. Adamson, D. J. Auty, D. S. Ayres, C. Backhouse, G. Barr, M. Betancourt, M. Bishai, A. Blake, G. J. Bock, D. J. Boehnlein, D. Bogert, S. V. Cao, S. Cavanaugh, D. Cherdack, S. Childress, J. A.B. Coelho, L. Corwin, D. Cronin-Hennessy, I. Z. Danko, J. K. De JongN. E. Devenish, M. V. Diwan, M. Dorman, C. O. Escobar, J. J. Evans, E. Falk, G. J. Feldman, M. V. Frohne, H. R. Gallagher, R. A. Gomes, M. C. Goodman, P. Gouffon, N. Graf, R. Gran, K. Grzelak, A. Habig, J. Hartnell, R. Hatcher, A. Himmel, A. Holin, X. Huang, J. Hylen, G. M. Irwin, Z. Isvan, D. E. Jaffe, C. James, D. Jensen, T. Kafka, S. M.S. Kasahara, G. Koizumi

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We report the results of a search for νe appearance in a νμ beam in the MINOS long-baseline neutrino experiment. With an improved analysis and an increased exposure of 8.2×1020 protons on the NuMI target at Fermilab, we find that 2sin2(θ23) sin2(2θ13)<0.12(0.20) at 90% confidence level for δ=0 and the normal (inverted) neutrino mass hierarchy, with a best-fit of 2sin2(θ23)sin2(2θ13)=0. 041-0.031+0.047(0.079-0.053+0.071). The θ13=0 hypothesis is disfavored by the MINOS data at the 89% confidence level.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number181802
JournalPhysical review letters
Issue number18
StatePublished - Oct 27 2011


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