Improve islet yields and quality when clinical grade pancreata are preserved by the two-layer method

Guangming Zhang, Shinichi Matsumoto, Helen Newman, D. Michael Strong, R. Paul Robertson, Jo Anna Reems

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Background: Research grade pancreata preserved by the two-layer method (TLM) yield significantly greater numbers of islets than organs stored with University of Wisconsin solution (UW). The goal of this study was to determine whether this would hold true for pancreata that meet selection criteria for clinical grade organs. Methods: Pancreata were chosen based upon a pre-defined set of criteria used for selecting clinical grade pancreata. Thirteen of these organs were preserved in UW and five pancreata were preserved by the TLM. Islets were isolated and evaluated according to the Edmonton protocol. Results: The average preservation time was significantly longer for organ preserved with TLM (9.5 + 2.0 h) as compared to UW (5.8 + 0.6 h, p = 0.015). The pancreata of TLM group resulted in a significant increase in islet yields (3588 ± 500 vs. 2536 ± 312 IE/g pancreas, p < 0.05). Visual scoring of islets indicated that islets were better from TLM group (8.3 ± 0.3 vs. 7.3 ± 0.2), and islet survival rates after culture were higher from organs stored with the TLM (87 ± 17 vs. 55 ± 7.4, p <0.05). Other parameters such as viability, insulin content, and stimulation index were similar between the two groups. All the preparations from the TLM group, but only 54% of preparations from the UW group, qualified for islet transplantation. The two recipients receiving islets from TLM group, daily insulin requirements were reduced and C-peptide levels were increased. Conclusion: Compared to storage with UW, exposure of pancreata to the TLM resulted in greater islet yields and improved quality of islets despite longer preservation period. Consequently, pancreata that meet clinical grade status should be preserved by the TLM prior to islet isolation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)195-201
Number of pages7
JournalCell and Tissue Banking
Issue number3
StatePublished - Sep 2006

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The authors thank Sabrina Qualley, Lynn Sund-borg, Erik Olson, Jondell Clever, Yoshiko Tamura and Olivia Seibenick (ICPL) for their technical support, Laura Schreiber for editorial assistance, Lynn Cravero and Jim Kistarc from Life Center Northwest for their assistance. We also thank Doug Bolgiano for his statistic advice. This work is supported in part by JDRFI and NIH Grant 5442RR016604.


  • Clinical grade pancreas
  • Islet transplant
  • Two-layer method


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