Imbuing aqueous solubility to amphotericin B and nystatin with a vitamin

Timothy P. Day, Diptesh Sil, Nikunj M. Shukla, Asokan Anbanandam, Victor W. Day, Sunil A. David

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Aqueous solubilities of many drugs in current clinical use are very low, necessitating formulations that often present problems for parenteral administration, including toxicities due to the excipients used. Recognizing that pharmacologically active compounds frequently possess amines, we asked whether pyridoxal phosphate (PLP), an inoccuous, water-soluble vitamin, could be utilized to form prodrug-like complexes via the formation of imine or iminium adducts and whether the vitamin would impart solubilizing properties to such complexes. Direct spectroscopic and crystallographic data obtained using model primary and secondary amines showed that PLP forms stable imine adducts with primary amines under entirely aqueous conditions and at physiologic pH, while no reaction was observed for secondary amines; the basis of the exceptional stability appears to be a consequence of favorable H-bond interactions of the imine nitrogen with the 5-OH group of PLP. Amphotericin B and nystatin in their native forms display marked aqueous insolubility and possess lone primary amines. We were able to utilize PLP in achieving excellent solubilization of both of these antifungal agents, surpassing aqueous solubilities of 100 mg/mL. In in vitro bioassays, both polyenes in their PLP-adducted form display attenuated antifungal potencies which are attributable to "prodrug- like" complexes. These results point to the utility of excipient-free, entirely aqueous formulations of amphotericin B for parenteral use, and may also be extended to other primary amine-bearing compounds exhibiting poor aqueous solubility.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)297-301
Number of pages5
JournalMolecular pharmaceutics
Issue number1
StatePublished - Feb 7 2011


  • Amphotericin B
  • Aqueous solubilization
  • Nystatin
  • Pyridoxal phosphate

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    Day, T. P., Sil, D., Shukla, N. M., Anbanandam, A., Day, V. W., & David, S. A. (2011). Imbuing aqueous solubility to amphotericin B and nystatin with a vitamin. Molecular pharmaceutics, 8(1), 297-301.