How does the Brief CEOA match with self-generated expectancies in mandated students?

Colleen Peterson, Brian Borsari, Nadine R. Mastroleo, Jennifer Read, Kate B. Carey

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Alcohol expectancies, defined as a person's beliefs about the effects of drinking, can influence alcohol consumption and help predict problem drinking in college students. However, there are concerns that current expectancy measures do not adequately capture mandated student expectations about alcohol use. This study examined the correspondence of 412 self-generated expectancies from mandated students (n=64) to items on the Brief Comprehensive Effects of Alcohol (B-CEOA; Ham, Stewart, Norton, & Hope, 2005). Self-generated expectancies were reviewed by raters who attempted to match each expectancy with a single B-CEOA item based on the qualitative essence of each statement. Most mandated student expectancies were not represented by the B-CEOA. All expectancies were then classified into 6 categories based on themes and categories from the alcohol expectancy literature. Mandated student expectancies emphasized the physiological aspects of drinking, whereas the B-CEOA assesses expectancies about intrapersonal factors. The findings suggest the B-CEOA may exclude alcohol expectancies that are important and relevant to this population. Self-generated alcohol expectancies from the target population should be considered when developing or administering expectancy questionnaires.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1414-1417
Number of pages4
JournalAddictive Behaviors
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 2013
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This work was supported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Grants F31 AA057 , and R01 AA017874 to B. Borsari and T32-AA07459 to Nadine Mastroleo. NIAAA had no role in the study design, collection, analysis or interpretation of the data, writing the manuscript, or the decision to submit the paper for publication. The contents of this manuscript do not represent the views of the Department of Veterans Affairs or the United States Government.


  • Alcohol
  • Alcohol expectancies
  • College alcohol beliefs
  • College student drinking
  • Mandated student


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