How can you use your brand to help your consumers live better lives?

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Many of us struggle to feel more positive about ourselves, wishing we were younger-looking, more glamorous, or athletic. We also struggle at times with challenging tasks in our lives, whether it is finishing an important work project, getting through a tough exercise routine, or just trying to get our child to eat vegetables. Brands can help us perform better on challenging tasks, whether that happens to be completing a tough workout or answering math questions on a GRE exam. Gatorade is a brand known for promising better athletic performance. People who have growth mindsets, who believe they can increase their skills through their own efforts at self-improvement, show little gain from using the same brands. A large industry has emerged to help us with these issues. Self-help books, new age diet plans, personal trainers, fashion stylists, and life coaches offer the promise of helping us to live better lives.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2018

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