Heat transfer - a review of 1991 literature

E. R.G. Eckert, R. J. Goldstein, W. E. Ibele, S. V. Patankar, T. W. Simon, S. L. Girshick, P. J. Strykowski, K. K. Tamma, A. Bar-Cohen, J. V.R. Heberlein, D. L. Hofeldt, K. A. Stelson

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This review surveys and characterizes papers comprising various fields of heat transfer that were published in the literature during 1991. It is intended to encompass the English language literature, including English translations of foreign language papers, and also includes many foreign language papers for which English abstracts are available. The literature search was inclusive, however. The great number of publications made selections in some of the review sections necessary.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)3153-3235
Number of pages83
JournalInternational Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
Issue number12
StatePublished - 1992

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Several conferences during 1991 were devoted to heat transfer or included heat transfer topics in their sessions. They will be briefly discussed in chronological order in this section. The 1991 International Seminar on Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media was sponsored by the International Center for Heat and Mass Transfer on 20-24 May at Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia. The majority of the papers are available at the Center in a bound volume. The ASME Turbo Expo--Land, Sea, and Air sponsored by the International Gas Turbine Institute and held on 3-6 June at Orlando, Florida included in its program session on ceramic technology, fii cooling, coatings and composites. Printed papers are available through the ASMB order department. The ACHEMA 91, International Meeting on Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, connecting with a large exhibition, was held at Fra&mt/Main, Germany on !+-15 June. The Second World Conference on Experimental Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics was organized by its assembly on 23-28 June at Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia in 10 keynote lectures, 7 panel discussions, 25 invited lectures, 209 contributed papers and open forum sessions. Papers are available at Else&r Science Publishing Co. Raymond Viscanta was awarded the first Nusselt-Reynolds Prim. The 26th Thermophysics Conference was organized by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics on 24-27 June in Honolulu, Hawaii with sessions on spacecraft coatings, solidification and convection, thermal analysis, heat pipes, and hypersonic non equilibrium flow. Conference pmceedings are available and selected papers are published in AIAA journals. 7’7~ 7th International Conference on Numerical Me&oak in Luminar and Turbulent Flow was sponsored by Lockheed Missile and Space Co. and by Stanford University on 15-19 July at Stanford, California. The 1 st International Conference on Compu- tational Modeling of Free and Moving Boundary Problems was held on 2-4 July at Southampton, U.K. Proceedings are available at Computational Mechanics Publications. The International Numerical Heat Tran#er Conference and Software Show wa.. organized by the Intema-tional Center for Heat and Mass Transfer on 22-26 July at Guilford Surrey, England. The 27th National Heat Transfer Conference and Exposition was organized by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers at 28-3 1 July at Minneapolis, Minnesota in 48 sessions on high speed/high temperature flow,nuclearcontainment andreactor design, two-phase flow, phase change, non-Newtonian fluids, electronic packaging,g eophysical media, heat pipes, fouling, fiis and combustion, metals processing, cryogenics, microgravity, plasma, and fundamentals. The 1990 Max Jakob Memorial Award was presented to R. J. Goldstein andthe 1990DonaldQ.KemAward toA. E.Bergles. The Awarders presented lectures on “Buoyancy Generated Flow in Enclosed Layers” and “Heat Transfer Enhancement - The Maturing of Second-Generation Heat Transfer Technology.” Papers presented at the meeting arc collected in special volumes available from the ASME order department. The International Center for Heat and Mass Transfer organized a Symposium on Heat an Mass Transfer in Biomedical Engineering on 24 September at Dubrovnik, Yugoslaviawith 12 sessions and avideo forum. The 1991 ASME Cogen-Turbo V was held on 3-5 September at Budapest, Hungary, organized by the International Gas Turbine Institute. Selected papersa re available inr elevant ASME! journals. The 1991 Yokohama International Gas Turbine Congress, organized by the Gas Turbine Society of Japan, held on 27-31 October at Yokohama, Japan, included sessions on turbine cooling and heat transfer, ceramics, and heat exchangers. The 112th ASME Winter Annual Meeting was held on 27-3 1 October at Atlanta, Georgia; included in the field of heat transfer were sessions on bio-heat and mass transfer, fluid&d bed heat exchangers, micro heat and mass transfer, phase change, superconductivity, manufacturing processes, spray systems, cryogenics, fire and combustion, heat exchangers in transportation systems, multiphase transport in porous media, nuclear reactors, and plasmas. The 11 th ABCM Mechanical Engineering Conference held on 11-13 December at Sao Paulo, Brazil devoted one fourth of its sessions to heat transfer and thermal energy.


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