Heat transfer-a review of 1985 literature

E. R.G. Eckert, R. J. Goldstein, E. Pfender, W. E. Ibele, J. W. Ramsey, T. W. Simon, N. A. Decker, T. H. Kuehn, H. O. Lee, S. L. Girshick

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Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1767-1842
Number of pages76
JournalInternational Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 1986

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Several conferences were devoted to heat transfer or included heat transfer topics in their sessions during 1985. A symposium on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering was held 17-21 February at Dallas, TX. It included a session on arctic thermal design analysis and icing problems were discussed in other papers. The proceedings are available as a bound volume. Information on those may be obtained at the Energy-sources Technology Conference and Exhibition, P.O. Box 59489, Dallas, TX, or through the ASME Order Department. The 30th Znternational Gas L%rbine Conference and Exhibit 17-21 at Houston, TX, was sponsored by the Gas Turbine Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Four of the sessions were devoted to external and internal heat transfer as well as to film cooling. The 1985 Gas Turbine Award was presented to Chunill Han for the paper “A Navier-Stokes analysis of three-dimensional turbulent flow inside turbine blade rows at design and of design conditions” and the 1985 Tom Sawyer Award was presented to Anselm Franz in recognition of his pioneering contributions to the Gas Turbine Industry. Papers may be obtained at the ASME Order Department. A Symposium on Transport Phenomena in Rotating Machinery, held in Honolulu, Hawaii, 28 April-3 May and sponsored by American and Japanese Engineering Societies as well as the Universities of Michigan and Hawaii, included in its program papers on turbine blade cooling, channel flow heat transfer, rotational effects, liquid and evaporation cooling, heat transfer in seals, and superconducting generators. The 29th Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics Institute, held 20-21 June at Sacramento, CA, included in its proceedings papers on melting, vortex flow, combustion of solid propellants, vapor and droplet transport, transient and oscillatory heat transfer, and two-phase flow. Proceedings are published by the California State University, Sacramento, CA. The 1985 International Solar Energy Congress and Exhibition sponsored by the American Section of the International Solar Energy Society was held 28 July-1 August at Los Angeles, CA. Sessions dealing with solar radiation and solar furnaces, solar collectors and energy storage, solar heating and cooling of buildings, drying and distillation, focusing collectors, and solar thermal power were included in the program. The Twenty-third National Heat Transfer Conference, sponsored by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers held 4-7 August at Denver, CO, was organized in 61 sessions, many of them dealing with heat transfer in specific technology processes like combustion, hazardous waste incinerators, drying and dehumidification, glass, alternative energy technologies, steam generators, nuclear reactors, aerodynamic systems, fibers, buildings and structures. Courses on numerical solutions and augmentation of heat transfer, thermal analysis, control of aerodynamic equipment, and compact heat exchangers as parts of the professional development program rounded off the proceedings. The Max Jakob Memorial Award was presented to L. London and the Donald Q. Kern Award to D. Gidaspow. The papers at this conference sponsored by the ASME are available in paper or volume form through the ASME Order Department. AIChE papers are contained in the volume “Heat Transfer/Denver 1985” of the AIChE Symposium Series. The 20th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference, held 18-23 August at Miami Beach, FL, did not include in its program specific sessions on heat transfer but this topic is touched upon in various of their lectures. Conference Proceedings are available from SAE, 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, PA. The 17th International Symposium of the International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer held 26-30 August at Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, was devoted to the topic of high temperature heat exchangers. An introduction lecture by Y. Mori, Japan, discussed future development in high temperature heat exchangers, eight invited lectures were given by experts from the Federal Republic of Germany, Great Britain, Japan, U.S.A., U.S.S.R., and Yugoslavia and 41 lectures discussed various topics of heat exchangers and their applications for gas turbines, Stirling cycle engines, metallurgical processes and future power plants. The Pro-

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