Heat transfer-a review of 1981 literature

E. G. Eckert, R. J. Goldstein, S. V. Patankar, E. Pfender, J. W. Ramsey, T. W. Simon, E. M. Sparrow

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Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1783-1812
Number of pages30
JournalInternational Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 1982

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7’~~sr eview surveys results that have been published in the open literature covering various fields of heat trartsfer during 1981. As in the past, the number of papers published dur~n~that pe~od was such that only a s&e&on can be included. An Ad~~an~ed Study Institute on “Low ReynoI~s Forced ~onv~e~~on in Channels and 33undles”was held at Ankara, Turkey, 13-24 July 198 3. Nirz sessions dealt with forced convection and heat exchanges technology. Probings of the institute wifl be ~ubI~shed by Hemisphere Publishing Corporation, Washington, DC. The 20th Notional Heat Transfer Conference w&s held at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 25-5 August 1981, and was sponsored by the American Society ofM echanical Engineers and the A~~~r~&an Institute of Chemical Engineers. ~~ir~~*e~~~t sessions were devoted to various fields of fundamentd and applied heat transfer, including sessions on porous me&a and rnath~rn~t~~~~ modeling. Invited lectures were presented by G. F. Hewitt on “Two-Phase Flow and its Applications: Past, Present, and Future” and by R. A. Seban on “Some Aspects of the Heat Transfer in Reflooding of a Single Tube”. The Donald Q Kern Award was presented to G. F. Hewitt and the Max Jakob Memorial Award to R. A. Seban. The papers presented at the conference are available as preprints or in the ~ob~~sh~d series of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Many will also be published in th~~o~~~~l oJ’ Heat Tran$T. The Third Symposium on Turhttlent Shear Flows sponsored by the U.S. Air Force Ohice of Scientific Research, Researeh Offices of the U.S. Army and Navy, and the National Science Foundation took place on Y-11 September 1981 at the University d California, Davis. One ofthe sessions was devoted to heat and mass transfer in boundary layers and various papers in the other sessions touched on heat transfer. A bound symposium volume is available. The fnternational Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer organized I Summer SchooI on “Heat Exchangers” (31 August-j September 1981) and an International Seminar on “Advancement in Heat Exchangers” at Dubrovnik, Yugosiavia, 7-12 September 1981. The Summer School was organized around the Heat Exchange Design Book which is ~ub~~sh~d by ~ern~s~~ere ~ub~~sh~ng Corporation in lisepa~rts. FroceedingsoftheInternationai S~mjna~are also available through Hemisphere Publishing Corporation. The Second Nation& Symposmm on ~‘~urner~~~~ Methods in Heat TransFer” was sponsored by the National Science Foundat~o~~~ the Oftice of Naval Research, and the University of~aryland and was held at College Park, Maryland, 28--30 September 1981. Twelve sessions dealt with finite different and finite element methods used in modeIin~ heat transfer processes. A short course for engineers and scientists on ‘~~orn~utat~o~ of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow’* was held at the University of~~~n~~sot~ 16-19 ~ov~rn~~ 1981. The 102nd Winter Annual ~~eet~n~ of the American Society of ~~e~bani~al Engineers, hefd 15-20 PSovember 19&I at Was~ljngton, D.C., ~ont~jne~ in its program sixteen sessions on f~~darnenta~ and npphed aspects of heat transfer. At the Heat Transfer Luncheon, Frank Kreith gave a lecture on the topic “Is There a Solar Future?“. Heat Transfer Memorial Awards weregiven cu A. Cezairliyan, Mwang-Tzu Yang and fvan Carton. The papers presented at the conference are available as preprints or in book form at ASME ~~a~~uarters. Many of them wiil niso be published in the Journal ofHeut Trurtsfer. A considerable number of books dealing with heat transfer or including heat transfer topics have appeared on the market. They are listed in the bibI~o~raphic portion of this review. The f&if? Amwicnn ~o~~n~~ qf Hear anil &lass Trun#2r is pu~~isbed in Argentinx with the Editorial Office at Avenida 1, No, 867, La Plats, Argentina. The following hj~~l~ghts ~1Iurninat~ developments in beat transfer research during 1981: In heat conduction, problems of phase change appear to be the main focus ~f~~~~is~~ work. Solution methodolo~~~s~ both nurner~~~l and analytical, alsrt continue to evoke interest. Complex passages, as they occur in compact heat exchangers have been pr~marii~ inv~tigat~ as channei flow configurations. Laminar and turbulent boundary layers are of~ontinuin~~nt~rest. Freejets and flow across cyfinders have also found attention, Heat transfer in porous media and in fluid&d beds found much attention, probably since these processes are not completely understood as yet They art: investigated experimentally and analytically with models s~rn~l~f~ing the process. Studies on one-phase heat transfer, as well as change sf phase, and combined beat and mass transfer are reported in the literature. Porous media were also considered in natural ~o~v~tion studies. Double difmsion processes were under inv~ti~a~o~. External natural convection studies concentrated on Bat piates in steady and transient state. Some of the articles included the e&cts of variable properties. Mixed convection over plates,

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