German studies and jewish studies: Symbiosis of two fields

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German studies has always had a particular relationship to Jewish studies. studies. The German Studies Association has long been one of the primary scholarly organizations that have enabled the fields of German-Jewish studies and Holocaust studies to thrive and grow. From Steven Aschheim's earlier, pivotal work exploring the relationship between German Jews and eastern European Jews in Germany to Marion Kaplan's recent focus on German Jews in the Dominican Republic, historians have turned to a range of transnational encounters to explore the complexities of German-Jewish culture and history. After 1989, following the fall of the wall and unification, the ensuing influx of Russian Jews into Germany set the stage for a debate about whether one could speak about a renaissance of Jewish life and culture in Germany. There was a new proliferation of panels and sessions at the GSA on the question of Jewish life in contemporary Germany. In recent years a number of sessions at the GSA have begun to explore both the links and the disjunctions between German studies, Jewish studies, and Holocaust studies.

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JournalGerman Studies Review
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StatePublished - Oct 2016


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