Genome-wide association study of body weight in chicken F2 resource population

Xiaorong Gu, Chungang Feng, Li Ma, Chi Song, Yanqiang Wang, Yang Da, Huifang Li, Kuanwei Chen, Shaohui Ye, Changrong Ge, Xiaoxiang Hu, Ning Li

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Chicken body weight is an economically important trait and great genetic progress has been accomplished in genetic selective for body weight. To identify genes and chromosome regions associated with body weight, we performed a genome-wide association study using the chicken 60 k SNP panel in a chicken F2 resource population derived from the cross between Silky Fowl and White Plymouth Rock. A total of 26 SNP effects involving 9 different SNP markers reached 5% Bonferroni genome-wide significance. A chicken chromosome 4 (GGA4) region approximately 8.6 Mb in length (71.6-80.2 Mb) had a large number of significant SNP effects for late growth during weeks 7-12. The LIM domain-binding factor 2 (LDB2) gene in this region had the strongest association with body weight for weeks 7-12 and with average daily gain for weeks 6-12. This GGA4 region was previously reported to contain body weight QTL. GGA1 and GGA18 had three SNP effects on body weight with genome-wide significance. Some of the SNP effects with the significance of "suggestive linkage" overlapped with previously reported results.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article numbere21872
JournalPloS one
Issue number7
StatePublished - 2011


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