Frontiers and ghettos: State violence in Serbia and Israel

James Ron

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    James Ron uses controversial comparisons between Serbia and Israel to present a novel theory of state violence. Formerly a research consultant to Human Rights Watch and the International Red Cross, Ron witnessed remarkably different patterns of state coercion. Frontiers and Ghettos presents an institutional approach to state violence, drawing on Ron's field research in the Middle East, Balkans, Chechnya, Turkey, and Africa, as well as dozens of rare interviews with military veterans, officials, and political activists on all sides. Studying violence from the ground up, the book develops an exciting new framework for analyzing today's nationalist wars.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Place of PublicationBerkeley
    PublisherUniversity of California Press
    ISBN (Print)0520230809, 9780520230804
    StatePublished - May 19 2003


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