Fourth Chromosome Resource Project: a comprehensive resource for genetic analysis in Drosophila that includes humanized stocks

Michael J. Stinchfield, Brandon P. Weasner, Bonnie M. Weasner, David Zhitomersky, Justin P. Kumar, Michael B. O'Connor, Stuart J. Newfeld

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The fourth chromosome is the final frontier for genetic analysis in Drosophila. Small, heterochromatic, and devoid of recombination the fourth has long been ignored. Nevertheless, its long arm contains 79 protein-coding genes. The Fourth Chromosome Resource Project (FCRP) has a goal of facilitating the investigation of genes on this neglected chromosome. The project has 446 stocks publicly available at the Bloomington and Kyoto stock centers with phenotypic data curated by the FlyBase and FlyPush resources. Four of the five stock sets are nearly complete: (1) cDNAs, (2) UAS.human homolog cDNAs, (3) gene trap mutants and protein traps, and (4) stocks promoting meiotic and mitotic recombination on the fourth. Ongoing is mutagenesis of each fourth gene on a new FRT-bearing chromosome for marked single-cell clones. Beyond flies, FCRP facilitates the creation and analysis of humanized fly stocks. These provide opportunities to apply Drosophila genetics to the analysis of human gene interaction and function. In addition, the FCRP provides investigators with confidence through stock validation and an incentive via phenotyping to tackle genes on the fourth that have never been studied. Taken together, FCRP stocks will facilitate all manner of genetic and molecular studies. The resource is readily available to researchers to enhance our understanding of metazoan biology, including conserved molecular mechanisms underlying health and disease.

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Article numberiyad201
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StatePublished - Feb 2024

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