Fossil pigments in Minnesota lake sediments and their bearing upon the balance between terrestrial and aquatic inputs to sedimentary organic matter

Eville Gorham, Jon E. Sanger

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Comparison of pigment concentrations in sedimentary organic matter with those in potential source materials indicates that the major inputs to profundal sedimentary organic matter in Minnesota lakes are aquatic. It seems likely that terrestrial inputs are of considerable importance only in the relatively unproductive northeastern lakes with the lowest concentrations of sedimentary pigments. (Waelti-Minn)
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
Pages (from-to)2267-2273
Number of pages7
JournalVerhandlungen Internationale Vereinigung Limnologie
StatePublished - 1975


  • Fossil pigments in lake sediments as indicators of productivity, evolution, eutrophication and sources of organic matter

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