Fortification of traditional tapioca “pancakes” from the Brazilian northeast with microencapsulated carrot carotenoid

Gisleânia Dourado Landim Parente, Bruno Davinci Nunes de Melo, Jaciel Albuquerque de Souza, Marta Maria da Conceição, Job Ubbink, Ana Luiza Mattos Braga

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The feasibility to fortify traditional Brazilian cassava gum and tapioca “pancakes” with carotenoid from carrots was investigated, based on the premise that the process should be applicable as a social technology. Microparticles enriched in carotenoids were prepared by concentrating carrot juice solids using complex coacervation of whey protein isolate and gum arabic in the weight ratio of 1.5:1, and co-dried with cassava starch. Carotenoid content and stability during product application were analyzed for the microparticles and for two product applications: fortified cassava gum, and fortified tapioca “pancakes”. The results showed that complex coacervation can be applied instead of conventional technologies to concentrate carrot juice, resulting in a yield of more than 90% of the initial carotenoid content. The further starch co-drying of this material resulted in a microparticle that retained 79% of initial carotenoid content. Low levels of carotenoid loss (22%) were observed upon preparing tapioca “pancakes” using the fortified cassava gum. The instrumental textural properties of the tapiocas were similar for products fortified with microparticles or by direct carrot juice addition. Furthermore, the use of carotenoid in dry powder form facilitates handling and dosing in artisanal and industrial settings and ensure to target the daily intake.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number112301
StatePublished - Dec 1 2021

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Funding Information:
The authors acknowledge the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry (MCTI) of Brazil for financial support through the program CVTSAN-UFPB. GP and MC acknowledge partial funding from the Coordination of Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES) , Brazil. JU acknowledges partial USDA-NIFA funding from the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station (hatch project MIN-18-141 ).

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  • Carrot carotenoid
  • Cassava starch
  • Complex coacervation
  • Encapsulation efficiency
  • Microparticles


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