Fast hydrothermal co-liquefaction of corn stover and cow manure for biocrude and hydrochar production

Quan Liu, Ruolan Xu, Cuiqiang Yan, Lujia Han, Hanwu Lei, Roger Ruan, Xuesong Zhang

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Fast Hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) has emerged as a versatile means of converting wet biomass into bio-crude oil. This study was aimed to explore a fast hydrothermal co-liquefaction (co-HTL) platform to valorize corn stover and cow manure by evaluating several reaction parameters (i.e., residence time, reaction temperature, and feedstocks mass ratio). The highest yield (over 24 wt%) of bio-crude oil was achieved under the moderate condition (400 °C, 16 min, and the mass ratio of 1:1). The Higher heating value (HHV) of bio-crude oil was around 34 MJ/kg. Up to 43% of selectivity toward phenols in bio-crude oil was gained from fast co-HTL maintained for 30 min. The properties of hydrochar were comprehensively characterized by CHNS elemental analysis, SEM, EDX, and FTIR. The highest HHV of hydrochar was 27.31 MJ/kg, suggesting the high potential as a solid fuel. CO2 as the dominant gaseous fraction were identified and quantified by GC.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number125630
JournalBioresource Technology
StatePublished - Nov 1 2021

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This work was supported by Start-up Funding for High-end Talents of China Agricultural University and Chinese Universities Scientific Fund ( 10092001 ).

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  • Bio-crude oil
  • Corn stover
  • Cow manure
  • Fast hydrothermal co-liquefaction
  • Hydrochar

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