Extraposition of NPIs from NP

Jason Overfelt

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Analyses of extraposition from NP can be divided into those that suppose the extraposed material is base-generated inside the host DP and those that suppose it is base-generated outside the host DP. This paper presents novel evidence from the licensing of negative polarity items by the quantifier every in relative clauses extraposed from direct objects to argue that extraposed material can be interpreted internal to the host DP. These results suggest the necessity of an analysis of Extraposition from NP that permits extraposed material to be base-generated inside the host.

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StatePublished - Sep 1 2015

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The work presented here has benefited from the comments of two anonymous reviewers for Lingua as well as discussions with Kyle Johnson, Rajesh Bhatt, Brian Dillon, Adrian Staub, Emmanuel Chemla, Vaneeta Dayal, Tim Hunter, the UMass Syntax Workshop participants, the UMass Syntax/Semantics Reading Group, and the audience of the Tri-College Linguistics Lecture Series at Haverford College. Portions of this research have been presented at WCCFL 32, NELS 45, and LSA 2015. This research was funded in part by a Dissertation Improvement Grant from the University of Massachusetts Amherst Graduate School.

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  • Experimental syntax
  • Extraposition from NP
  • NPI-licensing
  • Rightward movement


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