Evolutionary principles.

P. Calow

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    Chapter 1 outlines the history of evolutionary principles. Chapter 2 reviews the mechanisms of inheritance, tracing the development of ideas from Mendel through to neo-Darwinism. Chapter 3 considers adaptation, with discussion of a posteriori and a priori approaches, variation in natural populations, adaptations for and of groups and for and of sex, and the idea of selfishness in DNA and genes. Evolution and development are examined in chapter 4. Chapter 5 discusses macroevolution, tying in ideas of taxonomy and classification with the processes of speciation; punctuated evolution is introduced, and means of testing gradualism versus punctuationalism are described. -P.J.Jarvis

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    Title of host publicationEvolutionary principles.
    PublisherBlackie, Tertiary Level Biology Series; distributed in USA by Chapman & Hall, New York
    ISBN (Print)0216913950, 0216913969, 9780216913950, 9780216913967
    StatePublished - 1983


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