Angela Lamson, Jennifer Hodgson, Tai Mendenhall, D. Russell Crane

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There have been numerous books, articles, and authors that have influenced us and our careers as MedFTs.We cited much of this work throughout our text and ensured that many of these scholars were direct contributors to its content. In thinking about the value of this epilogue, we reflected on the final chapters (specifically) from three books that have stood out most to us. These closing chapters are punctuated by and through the courage of their respective authors' writing. Our point is not for readers to necessarily agree with the content of these selections or even to agree with the recommendations that we put forth at the end of this epilogue. Instead, our hope is to challenge readers to be innovative, push envelopes, and serve as ambassadors of MedFT by advancing the field through best practices, research, and policy.

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StatePublished - Dec 1 2014

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