Eggs as Part of a Healthy Eating Pattern

Rylee T. Ahnen, Joanne L. Slavin

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The historical recommendations for egg consumption have been confusing to consumers and have resulted in many individuals wondering whether or not eggs should be considered part of a healthful diet. This chapter is a review of the dietary recommendations concerning eggs, the research that eventually changed those recommendations, and the positive health benefits of incorporating eggs into the diet. Eggs as a source of high-quality protein, as a source of choline, and as a tool for satiety and weight management are each discussed, as is potential for additional improvement of the nutrient profile of eggs through fortification. While additional research may be needed to further demonstrate the association between eggs and certain positive health outcomes, the body of scientific evidence surrounding eggs supports the belief that they are healthful for human consumers and should be considered part of a healthy dietary pattern.

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Title of host publicationSteviol Glycosides
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PublisherRoyal Society of Chemistry
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