Dynamic multimerization of Dab2-Myosin VI complexes regulates cargo processivity while minimizing cortical actin reorganization

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Myosin VI ensembles on endocytic cargo facilitate directed transport through a dense cortical actin network. Myosin VI is recruited to clathrin-coated endosomes via the cargo adaptor Dab2. Canonically, it has been assumed that the interactions between a motor and its cargo adaptor are stable. However, it has been demonstrated that the force generated by multiple stably attached motors disrupts local cytoskeletal architecture, potentially compromising transport. In this study, we demonstrate that dynamic multimerization of myosin VI-Dab2 complexes facilitates cargo processivity without significant reorganization of cortical actin networks. Specifically, we find that Dab2 myosin interacting region (MIR) binds myosin VI with a moderate affinity (184 nM) and single-molecule kinetic measurements demonstrate a high rate of turnover (1 s-1) of the Dab2 MIR-myosin VI interaction. Single-molecule motility shows that saturating Dab2-MIR concentration (2 μM) promotes myosin VI homodimerization and processivity with run lengths comparable with constitutive myosin VI dimers. Cargomimetic DNA origami scaffolds patterned with Dab2 MIRmyosin VI complexes are weakly processive, displaying sparse motility on single actin filaments and "stop-and-go"motion on a cellular actin network. On a minimal actin cortex assembled on lipid bilayers, unregulated processive movement by either constitutive myosin V or VI dimers results in actin remodeling and foci formation. In contrast, Dab2 MIR-myosin VI interactions preserve the integrity of a minimal cortical actin network. Taken together, our study demonstrates the importance of dynamic motor-cargo association in enabling cargo transportation without disrupting cytoskeletal organization.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number100232
JournalJournal of Biological Chemistry
StatePublished - Jan 1 2021

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Funding and additional information—This work was supported by National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) R35 grant R35GM126940-01 awarded to S. S.

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