Dust loading performance of a novel submicro-fiber composite filter medium for engine

Jin Long, Min Tang, Zhaoxia Sun, Yun Liang, Jian Hu

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Airborne dust can cause engine wear and contribute to engine gas emission. This study developed a novel submicro-fiber filter medium to provide protection to engines against dust. The wet-laid submicro-fiber medium was prepared by a dual-layer paper machine, and its dust loading performance was compared with other filter media during laboratory and field tests. During the laboratory tests, the dust holding capacity of the wet-laid submicro-fiber medium was 48% and 10% higher than that of the standard heavy-duty medium and electrospun submicro-fiber medium, respectively. During the field tests, the pressure drop of the wet-laid submicro-fiber filter was 45% lower than that of the standard heavy-duty filter after 10,000 km of operation. It was found that there were two crucial ways to design a better filter medium for protection against dust. Firstly, the surface loading rather than the depth loading was preferred for dust filtration. The submicro-fiber layer kept large amounts of dust particles from penetrating into the depth of filter medium. Secondly, particles were captured preferably by fibers rather than pores. The unique fibrous structure of the wet-laid submicro-fiber medium made more particle deposition take place on fibers via interception and inertial impaction.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number2038
Issue number10
StatePublished - Oct 19 2018

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Funding: This research was funded by the National Key R and D Program of China, Grant No. 2017YFB0308000.

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  • Airborne dust
  • Engine filtration
  • Loading performance
  • Submicro-fiber


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