Digital Arts and Humanities Working Group 2011-2012 Report

Jennie Burroughs, Kate Brooks, Deborah Boudewyns, Chiat Naun Chew, Cecily Marcus, Lauren Marsh, Rebecca Moss, Jason Roy, Scott Spicer

Research output: Working paper


The Digital Arts & Humanities (DAH) Working Group of the Research Support Services Collaborative was formed to investigate and recommend a coherent strategy for support of emerging digital arts and humanities scholarship on campus. This document is the final report of that group's activities from 2011-2012. Considering the strengths of organizations on campus and the most pressing support needs of emerging digital arts and digital humanities scholars at the University of Minnesota, the working group developed a set of near-­term and longer-­term recommendations. The recommendations center around opportunities for developing local partnerships and a local DAH community, coordinating support services, developing and promoting infrastructure and support for DAH scholarships, and exploring data curation needs.
Original languageEnglish (US)
StatePublished - 2012


  • digital humanities


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