Dictyostelium myosin 1F and myosin 1E inhibit actin waves in a lipid-binding-dependent and motor-independent manner

Hanna Brzeska, Michael Bagnoli, Edward D. Korn, Margaret A. Titus

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Actin waves are F-actin-rich entities traveling on the ventral plasma membrane by the treadmilling mechanism. Actin waves were first discovered and are best characterized in Dictyostelium. Class I myosins are unconventional monomeric myosins that bind lipids through their tails. Dictyostelium has seven class I myosins, six of these have tails (Myo1A-F) while one has a very short tail (Myo1K), and three of them (Myo1D, Myo1E and Myo1F) bind PIP3 with high affinity. Localization of five Dictyostelium Class I myosins synchronizes with localization and propagation of actin waves. Myo1B and Myo1C colocalize with actin in actin waves, whereas Myo1D, E and F localize to the PIP3-rich region surrounded by actin waves. Here, we studied the effect of overexpression of the three PIP3 specific Class I myosins on actin waves. We found that ectopic expression of the short-tail Myo1F inhibits wave formation, short-tail Myo1E has similar but weaker inhibitory effect, but long-tail Myo1D does not affect waves. A study of Myo1F mutants shows that its membrane-binding site is absolutely required for wave inhibition, but the head portion is not. The results suggest that PIP3 specificity and the presence of two membrane-binding sites are required for inhibition of actin waves, and that inhibition may be caused by crosslinking of PIP3 heads groups.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)295-302
Number of pages8
Issue number8
StatePublished - Aug 1 2020

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  • actin waves
  • class I myosins
  • membrane binding
  • unconventional myosins


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