Diagnosis, course, and assessment of alcohol abuse and dependence in adolescents.

Tammy Chung, Christopher S. Martin, Ken C Winters

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Risk for the onset of an alcohol use disorder (AUD) peaks during adolescence and the transition to young adulthood, highlighting the public health significance of alcohol use by adolescents. This chapter summarizes recent research on the diagnosis, course, and assessment of adolescent AUDs. This review focuses on developmental considerations in assessment of AUD criteria, the prevalence of DSM-IV AUDs among adolescents, typical alcohol symptom profiles in youth, and limitations of DSM-IV AUD criteria when applied to adolescents. In addition, studies of AUD course in adolescents, as well as factors influencing the course of AUDs are summarized. The chapter also provides an overview of brief alcohol screening instruments and other measures used in more comprehensive assessment of AUDs in adolescents.


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