Deglaciation, basin formation and post-glacial climate change from a regional network of sediment core sites in Ohio and eastern Indiana

Katherine C. Glover, Thomas V. Lowell, Gregory C. Wiles, Donald Pair, Patrick Applegate, Irena Hajdas

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Many paleoclimate and landscape change studies in the American Midwest have focused on the Late Glacial and early Holocene time periods (~. 16-11. ka), but little work has addressed landscape change in this area between the Last Glacial Maximum and the Late Glacial (~. 22-16. ka). Sediment cores were collected from 29 new lake and bog sites in Ohio and Indiana to address this gap. The basal radiocarbon dates from these cores show that initial ice retreat from the maximal last-glacial ice extent occurred by 22. ka, and numerous sites that are ~. 100. km inside this limit were exposed by 18.9. ka. Post-glacial environmental changes were identified as stratigraphic or biologic changes in select cores. The strongest signal occurs between 18.5 and 14.6. ka. These Midwestern events correspond with evidence to the northeast, suggesting that initial deglaciation of the ice sheet, and ensuing environmental changes, were episodic and rapid. Significantly, these changes predate the onset of the Bølling postglacial warming (14.8. ka) as recorded by the Greenland ice cores. Thus, deglaciation and landscape change around the southern margins of the Laurentide Ice Sheet happened ~. 7. ka before postglacial changes were felt in central Greenland.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)401-410
Number of pages10
JournalQuaternary Research
Issue number3
StatePublished - Nov 2011

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Funding Information:
Detailed comments from two anonymous reviewers greatly improved the manuscript. Funding was provided by the Comer Science and Education Foundation , W. M. Keck Foundation , Geological Society of America , The National Academies , and Sigma Xi Society . Assistance for fieldwork included participants of the Keck Glacial Ohio 2001–2002 field seasons, Benjamin Jones, Sam Donaldson, Katie Pritchard, Alexander Stewart, Michelle Hart, Joshua Michaels, Janelle Sikorski, Cathy Licht, and Jennifer Nelson. AMS facilities used in this study include the University of Arizona, Beta Analytic, Inc., and ETH/PSI AMS Facility in Zurich. John Nicol and Bill Glover provided feedback and encouragement on the final draft.

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  • Deglaciation
  • Greenland
  • Indiana
  • Lacustrine deposit
  • Last Glacial Maximum
  • Midwest
  • Ohio
  • Post-glacial
  • Radiocarbon dating
  • Termination 1


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